Circular Animal Production,

Veterinary and Public Health

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Global specialists in  Circular Animal Production, veterinary and public health

Better performance of sustainable animal production, agricultural and veterinary services, and food safety networks is of vital importance to ensure food security and safeguard public health in developing and developed countries. That also has relevance to sustainable development goals (SDGs).  The growing number of people to feed on the planet, and increasing infectious and emerging diseases affecting both animals and humans due to societal and environmental factors, require effective solutions whilst saving our planet.

VetEffecT is active in  circular animal production (including fisheries and aquaculture) in the veterinary and food area. Its focus lies on improving performance: of value chains, agricultural and veterinary services, disease control programmes, laboratory networks, and to strengthen developing economies, in compliance with international regulations for animal disease control (OIE), plant health (IPPC) and food safety control (Codex Alimentarius) and trade (WTO-SPS, EU).

VetEffecT operates in a network of international organisations and experts, from agriculture, veterinary and human health scientists to free lance consultants, and can thus offer the best match. Our ambition is to develop for you the best approach and select the best team, and combine information and experience into practical solutions. VetEffecT is also framework contractor for international donors.