Our staff and associated experts

Chris Bartels

Chris Bartels is a veterinary epidemiologist working on strengthening of veterinary services and developing risk-based monitoring and surveillance programs for animal diseases in cattle, sheep and goats, pigs and poultry. He is also OIE and FAO expert for applying the concept of Progressive Control Pathway (PCP) for FMD control in various countries and regions through his work with EUFMD, and has intensely worked on brucellosis and tuberculosis control. 

VetEffecT - Chris Bartels

David Dewar

David Dewar has a long career in international consultancy, and is particularly skilled in project preparation and project management. David has university degrees in Agriculture and Tropical Animal Production & Health, and is a qualified project manager, which ensures that we provide structured project management planning and support to our clients. David has in depth knowledge of EU animal health policy and sanitary, phytosanitary and food safety issues; and is fully conversant with Project Cycle Management and the Logical Framework Approach.
VetEffecT - David Dewar

Enne de Boer

Enne de Boer is a senior laboratory expert with over 30 years’ experience in the food safety laboratory of the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) with expert knowledge in microbiology, knowledge of food chemistry and extensive international experience, among others as trainer and for BTSF (Better Training for Safer Food)  as tutor. He has an University education in food technology and food microbiology. He has a thorough command of techniques for the microbiological analysis of food-related micro-organisms, Profound knowledge and expertise in the field of food microbiology, is experienced in food safety laboratory diagnostic techniques, including chemical analyses, laboratory equipment, and laboratory quality management, including ISO 17025, and laboratory accreditation procedures. Enne is also expert in the field of honey analysis, beekeeping and bee diseases.

VetEffecT - Enne de Boer

Grigor Grigoryan

Grigor Grigoryan is a veterinarian and an international expert on veterinary protection and governance. He also is an OIE accredited expert on performance of veterinary services and a WVA expert on prevention and control of zoonotic diseases. At the national level he occupied various positions ranging from private veterinary professional to head of the State Food Safety Service of Armenia. Grigor is specialized on veterinary public health and participated in numerous international projects aimed at establishing and/or maintaining an appropriate level of veterinary-sanitary protection in countries of Europe, Asia, South America and the Caribbean.  Being committed to the “One Health” concept he promotes principles of veterinary-sanitary protection based on addressing health threats at the human-animal-ecosystem interface.


VetEffecT - Grigor Grigoryan

Jacqueline Kooij

Jacqueline Kooij provides office support. She assures that office logistics are well secured, and arranges the travel for the associated experts in the international project assignments.

VetEffecT - Jacqueline Kooij

John Bonnier

John Bonnier is animal husbandry expert. He has a long career in international development,  with key expertise in livestock development, breeding and dairy production. He has recently supported the Afghanistan government in implementation of livestock improvement projects.
VetEffecT - John Bonnier

Leonor Galhardo

Leonor Galhardo has more than 22 years of professional experience in welfare of animals in captivity, including in aquaculture. She is currently conducting animal welfare research at the Instituto Superior de Psicologia Aplicada (ISPA) in Oeiras, Portugal. Leonor is a well respected animal welfare expert, especially for animals in Zoos. Se has been deeply involved in working in the context of the Zoo Directive and implementation of Zoo legislation, and is author of various publications on the matter. She has excellent writing skills, and has a broad network across Europa on welfare of animals in captivity.

VetEffecT - Leonor Galhardo

Mirzet Sabirovich

Mirzet Sabirovic graduated as a veterinarian at the University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He also has postgraduate degrees in infectious diseases of animals (MSc and PhD) and a postgraduate degree (MSc) in Veterinary Public Health. Through his experience in several assignments in Europe and all over the world, Mirzet has a wide interaction with a range of institutions (e.g. EC, EFSA, DG) in decision making process at various fora related to animal health and food safety. Mirzet also joined the UK Department for International Development as the lead livelihoods adviser on a number of DFID programmes in animal health (including zoonoses) in developing countries in Africa and Asia. ). In 2014, Mirzet joined Fitetail Ltd, a private company for strategy consulting where he leads on to lead the Sentinel Grant program at the request and direction of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s (BMGF) Monitoring, Learning and Evaluation (MLE) Team.

VetEffecT - Mirzet Sabirovich

Paul van Olm

Paul van Olm is organiser and guide for international delegations for study tours, study visits and trainings in the Netherlands. These are usually complex activities due to visa arrangements, language problems and logistic and other travel issues. Paul van Olm has organised many study visits, for Egyptians, Bulgarians, Romanians and delegations from other countries, knows exactly those practical details that turn a study visit into a success, and is the ideal host.
VetEffecT - Paul van Olm

Rasto Kolesar

Rasto Kolesar has a veterinary background. He developed and managed OIE Improved Animal Welfare Programme aimed at support of implementation of OIE standards in Eastern Europe, in the Middle East and in South East Asia. Prior to that he managed long term training programmes in China and Brazil focused at improving welfare of animals in transport and in pre-slaughter and slaughter. Rasto’s expertise is in animal health and welfare audits. He lives in Scotland where he works as animal health and welfare inspector. 

VetEffecT - Rasto Kolesar