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Financial inclusion to support the sustainable development of the Livestock sector in the Republic of Uzbekistan

VetEffecT has been awarded a contract for the Agence Française de Développement (AFD) in Uzbekistan. The study shall evaluate the feasibility of financial inclusion to support the sustainable development of the livestock sector which would be financed through an AFD loan of 150 million euros and an EU grant of 15 million euros from the Investment Facility for Central Asia (IFCA), delegated to the AFD.

The project will aim to increase livestock sector productivity and market access through improved financial inclusion of operators and better structuring of production, sales, and distribution chan

The final results of the Zoos Directive evaluation are published!

The purpose of the Zoos Directive is the conservation and protection of wild animals outside their natural habitat and to strengthen the role of zoos in the conservation of biological biodiversity. This study is carried out in order to assess whether the Zoos Directive meets its goal and whether or not the different member states have implemented legislation with the help of the Zoos Directive. The Final study report in English, including all results obtained, can be accessed HERE

Better cow health and more milk at dairies in Punjab, Pakistan

Pakistan Dairy Supply Chain Development Project (PDSCDP) is an IFC initiative executed by VetEffecT and Solve Agri Pak. Willem van der Bent, associated expert of VetEffecT and trainer in the program, tells his story.

A big dairy processor and important player in the Pakistan dairy market, has a high demand for fresh and high quality milk. Many investors in Punjab opt for the dairy sector. In turn, existing dairy farms have been expanding their herd or switching from the traditional buffalo to a pure milk breed cow, in order to achieve a higher milk production per animal and a higher farm income.


Training of DDE’s

Sustainable Management of Natural Resources

VetEffecT has been awarded a framework contract project for the European Commission. The purpose of the assignment is to analyse the impact of scientific and technological developments, describe approaches to solving technology-related problem areas and identify policy options for action in the field of environmental, health and food safety matters. And at the same time providing the Parliament with a long-term perspective in their political work.

The European Parliament has repeatedly called for a new agenda for future European growth with resource efficiency at its core, which would require some radical changes in our production and consum

VetEffecT, together with the Friesian, implements a Dairy Development Program in Uganda

Commissioned by the IFC and Pearl Dairy, VetEffecT together with the Friesian, implements a Dairy Development Program in Uganda. The goal is to increase farmer productivity and achieve a sustainable increase in milk production of Pearl Dairy’s existing suppliers, by 200,000 liters per day. 

Dairy production in Uganda is dominated by small-scale farmers living in impoverished rural areas, and it is estimated that only 20% of the country’s milk output is processed.

Sharing Information for "Social media posts and online search behaviour as early-warning system for MRSA outbreaks"

Latest research discovers that use of social media posts and online search data allows rapid identification of potential MRSA outbreaks. The study suggests that when combined in an automated system with real-time updates, this might increase early discovery and subsequent rapid implementation of measures to prevent further MRSA spread. The paper was taken up by several AMR information platforms  Read the paper HERE.


Improving housing conditions for poultry in Ukraine? An investigation conducted by two Dutchmen

Peter van Horne and Jan Hulzebosch were asked to conduct research into how Ukrainian producers can increase exports of eggs to Europe through adopting more animal friendly housing systems. As such, they were invited to make a field visit to two layer farms in Ukraine.

The layer farms in Ukraine are very large, particularly when compared to the farms in Holland.

Trade Mission to Uzbekistan March 2018

VetEffecT participated in an agricultural trade mission to Uzbekistan in March 2018 with the Dutch Embassy to explore opportunities for sustainable animal production.

Uzbekistan dairy and poultry sectors should be supported to better adhere to international standards of animal health and welfare and food safety.

A beamer for the education of children in Nepal

Instead of sending Christmas cards at the end of 2017, VetEffecT made a donation to 4smilingfaces for the purchase of a beamer, for the after-school care SHCOP (Second Home Child Outreach Program) in Nepal. More information


"A beautiful Christmas gift from VetEffecT: a gift for a media projector for the after-school care SHCOP.

Cost-benefit analysis of improving housing conditions for poultry in Ukraine

VetEffecT has been awarded a framework contract project in Ukraine for the EBRD. The purpose of the assignment is to perform a cost-benefit analysis of replacing the existing non-EU compliant cages of a large layer poultry farming with each of three possible options: free range, barns (like those used for broilers) and aviary systems (multi-layered open cages), to provide a business case, and prepare a presentation on the subject.

For the company we will make an analysis of the current situation with focus on poultry houses, equipment and management.