How we work

Our mission is to contribute to healthy people and healthy animals in balance with the environment.

We support organisations with ideas and knowledge turned into actions. These actions are based on key success factors: on sound professional knowledge and experience of animal health and food safety, dedicated project implementation based on established project management techniques, and knowing what it takes to let people work together.


We endeavour the best possible services based on the following 4 drivers:


1.      We work with science-based state of the art professional knowledge


We do this by working closely together with scientists and research institutions, and by selecting highly qualified experts. We initiate and participate in research and development projects to improve our methodology and advice.


2.      We incorporate the international regulatory framework in our approach.


We incorporate in particular OIE, FAO, DG Sanco, Codex Alimentarius, WHO and the WTO policies, that form the basis for food safety and international trade. Our clients that are active in the international arena need to organise their activities in line with the international agreements as set out by mandated organisations. Animal health and human health are closely connected, and we support the “’One World, One Health” concept for that reason. 


3.      We work following established project management techniques.


We use specific project management techniques, tailored for animal health and food    safety based on our international experience to ensure that the client gets the results as        planned within time and budgetary boundaries.


4.      We focus on team work, to ensure that a professionally sound approach, translated into a sound project, also is actually taken up by the team of experts responsible for the job.


Our clients need people that can work together. Awareness, understanding, accountability, trust, teamwork, communication, leadership, determination, humor and many more aspects of human interaction are examples that can influence people working together. We develop with the client an approach to improve this.