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Scientific report from EFSA published to prevent african swine fever spread through wild boar

African Swine fever virus (ASFV) is increasingly threatening Western Europe as it is spreading from Russia and the Caucasean region to the West. EFSA has published a new scientific report:  "Evaluation of possible mitigation measures to prevent introduction and spread of African swine fever virus through wild boar"

Because the wild boar is an important vector in the spread of the disease, the option to reduce wild boars by hunting was considered.

VetEffecT has been awarded a new framework contract under EDES COLEACP

A new framework contract on food safety and laboraties is granted to VetEffecT by EDES COLEACP.

EDES aims to secure the flow of food products of animal and plant origin towards the EU or at regional level, in particular by making small-scale growers in Africa, Caribbean and Pacific countries

DG SANCO Study on the welfare of dogs and cats involved in commercial practices

While the European Union (EU) has legislation on certain health requirements for intra-EU trade on cats and dogs, there is an absence of EU legislation on broader aspects of their welfare. At the national level there is wide variation in animal welfare legislation across the Member States. The recent EU conference on the welfare of dogs and cats in the EU observed that the rise in the lucrative trade of cats and dogs has brought problems such as genetic selection, puppy farming, mutilation and inhumane disposal, but there is currently no harmonised EU legislation to address the welfare concerns.

The overall objective of this DG SANCO study on the welfare of dogs and cats involved in commercial practices is to determine the extent to which the EU should take specific measures on the welfare

VetEffecT organises a workshop on mandatory origin labelling of milk and milk products in Brussels

For DG AGRI, VetEffecT has organised a workshop in Brussels on mandatory origin labelling of milk and milk products. European representatives of farmers organisations, food producers, retail and trade organisations and a consumer organisation discussed about the need for consumers to be informed, the demand, and expected implications on consumer purchase behaviour, the food supply chain, competitiveness, internal EU trade and trade with 3rd countries, and the administrative burden.

The workshop is marks the start of a new study executed for DG Agri on mandatory origin labelling for milk, milk used as an ingredient in dairy products, and so-called minor meats, such as horse me

VetEffecT provides conformity assessment and training in Swaziland for veterinary and food control labs towards compliance with SPS standards and for more export to EU

For UNIDO, VetEffecT has performed a conformity assessment and provided training for the central veterinary laboratory and food control laboratories in Swaziland.

The purpose of the project was to increase compliance to international standards for animal health, in particular the transboundary animal diseases (TADs) and for food safety control.

EFSA publishes report on welfare monitoring indicators for slaughter of cattle

The EFSA Panel on Animal Health and Welfare (AHAW) has published a report on toolboxes of welfare indicators for developing monitoring procedures at slaughterhouses for bovines stunned

Consultation meeting Zoo guidance document

Brussels, 22 November 2013

In the last stage of the process of drafting a EU Zoo Guidance document, VetEffecT and DG Environment organized a consultation meeting for stakeholders and Member States.

EU Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) BTSF Workshop in Prague

On 22-24 October 2013, VetEffecT co-organized a BTSF workshop in Prague, as part of the contract to organise and implement  training activities to strengthen EU law enforcement in Sanitary and

Study on mandatory origin labelling for meat published

This study, by LEI Agricultural Economics Research Institute (Wageningen UR), VetEffecT and partners, has been undertaken to compare different options of implementing origin labelling for fresh and

VetEffecT supports student association Hygieia

VetEffecT will be sponsoring the Dutch student association "Hygieia" that connects students and professionals that are interested One Health and Animal Welfare.

VetEffecT wants to support this ambitious group of students in their effort to show both students and professionals to look beyond their own field of activity.