News and Publications

EFSA and ECDC 2011 zoonoses report has been published

The report supports the European Commission and EU Member States in monitoring risks related to zoonotic diseases.

New Contract Award in the Caribbean

VetEffecT has been awarded a new EU funded contract to support the development of the coconut industry in the Caribbean region.

Coconut, as part of the natural vegetation for tropical islands is one commodity that is common to the 15 Caribbean states.

New Contract Award in Belize

VetEffecT has been awarded a new EU funded contract to provide a technical assistance to establish an efficient Area Development Group that supports and promotes economic growth through the creation of an Area Development Plan in Belize.


We will be working closely with Belize's Ministry of Labour, Local Government, Rural Development, National Emergency Management, Immigration (MLLGRDNIN) in order to support the development of r

FAO published “The State of Food and Agriculture 2012” on agricultural investments.

Every year the FAO brings out The State of Food and Agriculture, to inform a wide audience on important issues in the field of food and agriculture.

Minimal distance between farms and housing requires regional approach

On the 30th of November 2012, the Dutch ministry of Public Health commissioned the Dutch Health Council to publish an advisory

Final report “Evaluation of the EU rapid response network” has been published

The evaluation of the EU rapid response network, crisis management and communication capacity regarding certain transmissible animal diseases was carried out for DG SANCO from September 201

Usutu Virus a spreading plague in Europe

Usutu virus is continuing its spread across Europe. The virus was first detected in 1959 in South Africa, but emerged in 2001 in Austria.

Report on co-funded animal disease eradication and monitoring programmes in the EU published

VetEffecT participated in a study on the outcome of co-funded animal disease eradication and monitoring programmes in the EU. The report evaluates the effectiveness o

EFSA and ECDC have published a summary report on antimicrobial resistance in zoonotic and indicator bacteria from humans, animals and food in 2010

This extensive report, presenting antimicrobial resistance data among zoonotic and indicator bacteria in 2010, summarizes the current state of art in antimicrobial resistance in zoonot

EFSA has published “Schmallenberg” virus report

EFSA has published a scientific report on likely scenario’s of spread of the new “Schmallenberg” virus affecting the va