News and Publications

VetEffecT donates dairy cattle to poor families with a child with a disability in Kyrgyzstan

VetEffecT tries to return every year a favor in poor countries where she is active. In 2011 we have worked in central Asia: in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

Development of a regional One Health zoonoses network

In the Province of Utrecht a start was made for the development of a regional One Health zoonoses network , in order to establish better communication and collaboration between human and ve

A new disease in cattle and sheep detected in Western Europe caused by Schmallenberg virus

A new disease has been found in November 2011 Germany that subsequently was also found in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Environment and countryside under IPARD

On 14th November 2011 a kick-off meeting was held at the premises of the Agriculture and Rural Development Support Institution

Rinderpest eradicated, only second disease after smallpox in humans

In June 2011, at the 37th FAO Conference, a Resolution was adopted declaring global freedom from rinderpest by t

Awareness campaign for oral rabies vaccination in Croatia

In the course of an EU project, an awareness campaign for oral vaccination of foxes against rabies has started in Croatia in 2011.

EFSA/ECDC 2009 Report on Zoonoses published

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control  (ECDC) have published the trends on zoonoses in Europe in a 2009 summary report.

The evaluation of the EU Policy on Animal Welfare (EU PAW)

The Final Report on the Evaluation of the EU policy on Animal Welfare (with reference to farm animals, experimental animals, pet animals and wild ani

E.C. Annual Report on notifiable diseases of bovine animals and swine

The European Commission, DG Health & Consumers, has published her 2009 annual report on notifiable diseases of bovine animals and swine in accordance with Article 8 of Directive 64/432/EEC.