Study visits

Study visits and Business Support

in the Netherlands

  • Need for new business?
  • Need for information?
  • Need for new business contacts?
  • No need for inefficient, time consuming visits of market exhibitions?
  • No need for elaborous datamining and lengthy information gathering?

’It is better to actively acquire business contacts that can offer you what you need, then have business contacts that sell you only what they can offer.’


Let us assist you in getting the right information and business contacts selected for you in a minimum period of time to develop your business


The Netherlands have a unique position worldwide in agriculture:

-particularly in cattle, pig and poultry industry, the Netherlands harbour most modern farms, processing plants, laboratories, research institutions and industry

-due to it small size and good infrastructure, it is possible to visit in a short time all organisations relevant for your business


We have a wide network in the agricultural domain in the Netherlands. We have organised several study tours and can offer business support so that when you get home you can:


-directly use the latest information from the source

-better plan the setting up of new business

-benefit from your new selected business contacts


Please contact ( us for more information.

VetEffecT - Study visits
VetEffecT - Study visits