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Sharing Information for "Social media posts and online search behaviour as early-warning system for MRSA outbreaks"

Latest research discovers that use of social media posts and online search data allows rapid identification of potential MRSA outbreaks. The study suggests that when combined in an automated system with real-time updates, this might increase early discovery and subsequent rapid implementation of measures to prevent further MRSA spread. The paper was taken up by several AMR information platforms  Read the paper HERE.


Reduction of Antimicrobial Resistance

VetEffecT is working to decrease the use of antibiotics in animal production, in its international and national projects, by introducing good practices in dairy, poultry, pig and other animal production sectors in reducing antimicrobial resistance. In this endeavour we are focussing particularly on low and middle income countries (LMICs) where the risks are the highest. Join us!

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