Dairy Farm Developer

Dairy Farm Developer®

A farm development tool for extension staff offering structured farm assessments to step-wise improve productivity and profitability for dairy farmers

The tool allows to assess the status of all relevant business processes on a dairy farm and monitor improvements over time by regular farm visits, providing targeted and prioritised advice for observed shortcomings to increase milk production, milk quality and profitability. 

The tool is adaptable to a specific group of farmers (cooperative, processor, country, farm type, etc) to focus on targeted KPIs

Dairy Farm Developer ® and assessment software

A tailor-made digitalised tool to step-wise improve business processes at dairy farms with associated SOPs

Dairy Competence Builder

Dairy Competence Builder®

A training tool for milk collection centers and dairy processors for developing the capacity of extension staff leading to better milk supply

The tool to improve the volume and quality of milk production from suppliers through enhancing the competencies of extension staff. The Dairy Competence Builder® is an assessment tool for the improvement of extension workers skills for dairy development. It is an online learning space, accessible to management and extension staff, designed to improve the efficiency of your dairy extension workers whilst improving their self-esteem. Milk supply will improve in volume and quality and your key performance indicators can be closely monitored.

Dairy competence builder® and assessment software