Technical Assistance for the Public Awareness Campaign and Coordination of Eartagging & Vaccinations Operations





EU (delegation of Turkey)




Project duration:




Lattanzio e Associati Spa, Ankey Consulting, IAK Agrar Consulting, ID-Lelystad BV


Project Description:

 The Technical Assistance project supports the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs to provide the coordination of the nation wide eartagging and vaccination campaign of ovine and caprine animals by laying down the infrastructure of the veterinary services. 65 million ovine and caprine animals will be eartagged over 3 years with conventional means of identification. These eartagged animals will be registered into a fully functioning database system which will be developed under the scope of another contract. For the control of Peste de Petits Ruminants (PPR) disease a vaccination campaign will be implemented together with the eartagging operations. 90 million animals will be vaccinated over 3 years. The eartagging operation and PPR vaccination will be carried out simultaneously. Official veterinarians and private practitioners will be involved in to collaborate for this programme. An information campaign will also be organized to increase the public awareness for the implementation of the system, eartagging, movement declarations and keeping of registers at the holdings. The farmers’ awareness on identification and registration system will be improved with a communication strategy developed on the published and audiovisual media in local and general base and on internet.


Type of services:

  • Identification and registration of ovine and caprine animals system in Turkey in compliance with the EU requirements.
  •  Contribution to the control of PPR disease of ovine and caprine animals.
  • Public and farmer awareness on identification and registration of sheep and goats and control of PPR disease will be increased.
  • Immunity level against PPR is essentially improved by vaccination of ovine and caprine animals