Dairy - Beef - Pig - Poultry - Aquaculture - Insect Circular Economy Experts

Successful companies and farmers of the future will need to:

  • produce with high efficiency  
  • use minimal energy, water, nutrients and other resources,
  • cause a minimal carbon footprint, and causing minimal GHG (Green House Gasses) waste and effluents.

Sustainable farming, respecting animal welfare, wildilfe and the environment are obvious other key conditions.

The coming years many farms and companies will be transforming their operations, to adapt to the modern:

  • 'license to produce'
  • new regulations and standards.

New animal production facilities and farm management systems must be designed taking these factors on board. High yields (per animal or per hectare, respecting animal welfare) and minimizing cost of production and at the same time having a minimal negative impact on water pollution, GHG emissions, and animal welfare will determine the competitive advantage of future succesful companies, farmers and other producers. 

For international projects in these areas VetEffecT is establishing teams of qualified experts that are experienced and interested to analyse and advise companies and farmers in these fields. 

Animal Health and Welfare experts, Dairy Experts, Laboratory Experts, Trainers and SPS and Food Safety Experts

VetEffecT has regularly short-term (intermittent missions of  approx 1-2 weeks), mid-term (weeks-months) or long term (> year) vacancies in international projects to improve compliance to international food safety and SPS standards and regulations for food business operators, government institutions and food control and animal health laboratories, to facilitate export and trade.

If you are an expert in one or more of these fields and have interest to participate in international projects, you are invited to submit your CV or ask for more information: