Animal welfare audit and action plan for a large dairy enterprise


VetEffecT has been awarded a framework contract project for the EBRD: Regional Programme for Improving Animal Welfare Standards in Agribusiness - Conducting Animal Welfare Audits and Developing Action Plans for Agribusinesses (EBRD Project Ref 67313). The project runs 3 years (2017-2019). As one of the first assignments, VetEffecT has been awarded a project in Egypt, to conduct an animal welfare audit and developing an animal welfare action plan for for a large dairy enterprise (approx. 15000 heads of cattle). 

The project will be carried out through assessment, desk research and farm-visits. The executive team will consist of international and local experts in the field of animal welfare and the dairy sector. 

The objective of the assessment is to review the company’s husbandry and biosecurity systems, management procedures and animal welfare issues. It should  identify and assess any potentially adverse animal welfare and biosecurity impacts and highlight “red flags” associated with the activities of the Company. Also it should assess compliance with applicable laws and the Environmental and Social Policy (ESP) and EBRD Performance Requirements (PRs) , determine the measures needed to prevent or minimise and mitigate the impacts. And it should identify potential opportunities, including best practice techniques, that would improve the welfare and/or biosecurity of animals associated with the Project.

The Animal Welfare Assessment will review the Client’s current operations and management practices in terms of compliance with national legislation, national or local permitting requirements, and relevant EU directives applicable to animal welfare and biosecurity.

Respect for animal welfare along the agribusiness value chain is an integral part of implementing high quality standards in food production and is becoming increasingly important for both producers and consumers in the countries where the EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) invests. VetEffecT improves animal welfare by targeted and practical advice for economic operators in animal production.