EU progress report on Antimicrobial Resistance published

The Commission published Feb 26, 2015 a progress report on its five year Action Plan on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR). The report summarises the progress made under each of the 12 actions. 

The REPORT describes the following actions:

Action 1: Strengthen the promotion of the appropriate use of antimicrobials in human medicine

Action 2: Strengthen the regulatory framework on veterinary medicines and on medicated feed

Action 3: Introduce recommendations for prudent use in veterinary medicine

Action 4: Strengthen infection prevention and control in healthcare settings

Action 5: Adoption of a proposal for an EU Animal Health Law

Action 6: To promote, in a staged approach, unprecedented collaborative research and development efforts to bring new antibiotics to patients

Action 7: Promote efforts to analyse the need for new antibiotics into veterinary medicine.

Action 8: Develop and/or strengthen multilateral and bilateral commitments for the prevention and control of AMR in all sectors.

Action 9: Strengthen surveillance systems on AMR and antimicrobial consumption in human medicine

Action 10: Strengthen surveillance systems on AMR and antimicrobial consumption in veterinary medicine

Action 11: Reinforce and coordinate research efforts .

Action 12: Communication, education and training: Survey and comparative effectiveness research