Evaluation study to support the evaluation of the Zoos Directive (Council Directive 1999/22/EC)

VetEffecT has been awarded a study for the European Commission (DG Environment) to support the evaluation of the Zoos Directive (Council Directive 1999/22/EC)The objective for the evaluation of the Zoos Directive is to support the European Commissionís Zoos Directive Regulatory Fitness Check and Performance (REFIT) programme. This study is carried out in order to assess whether the Zoos Directive meets its goal and whether or not the different member states have implemented legislation with the help of the Zoos Directive.

The tasks performed for this study are:

Development of framework and methodology to address the issues under examination. 

A review of relevant available information and evidence. 

Consultation with at least 14 representative member states and stakeholders through written, face-to-face, telephone or web-based interviews or structured questionnaires.

Undertake a public consultation to obtain the views of citizens and civil society through a structured questionnaire.

Evaluating relevant information and evidence sources at EU and member states levels.

A one day international workshop will be organized in Brussels.   

Drafting of the final study report in English, including all results obtained.

The dedicated EU website about the project can be accessed HERE