Framework Contract awarded from DG SANTE on food policies


VetEffecT has been awarded the Framework contract for the provision of services in the areas of evaluation, impact assessment, monitoring and implementation and of other related services, in relation to the Health and Food policies, launched by DG Sante. These services aim at supporting the decision making and planning process in line with the Commission's commitment for a "Better Regulation". Better regulation principles entail quality evidence based policy choices by ensuring that its proposals meet policy goals at minimum cost and deliver maximum benefits to citizens, businesses and workers while avoiding all unnecessary regulatory burdens. 

DG SANTE works to modernise and simplify the well-developed EU regulatory framework in line with Better Regulation principles and to verify its correct application. It strives to guarantee world-class standards of animal and plant health, safe and trustworthy products, and an efficient internal market, with confident consumers and business operators. By working with international institutions and other stakeholders, DG SANTE aims to help the EU maintain a competitive position on the world market and uphold its internationally recognised safety brand.

The typical tasks to be performed include:

              desk research (provision of literature and documents reviews, synthesis and overviews as well as meta-evaluations, etc.),

              design of questionnaires, including for internet based open public consultations & main analysis,

              stakeholders' analysis including stakeholders' mapping,

              field work (planning and carrying out surveys, interviews, case studies, workshops and focus groups, mystery shopping, etc.),

              data analysis (multi-criteria analysis, counterfactual impact evaluations, statistical/econometric modelling, cost-benefit analysis, in-depth economic,

               causal and correlation analysis, transposition checks, analysis of monitoring systems, etc.),

              assessment of existing monitoring systems, propose new/updated ones, revise existing indicators, and identify data collection sources and

               collection processes,

              screening and legal analysis of all the relevant legislation, transposition conformity checks including the definition of implementation challenges.

               The contractor may be requested to provide a translation of the relevant national measures into English.

              organisation of events in the context of the assignment,

              presentation and dissemination of results of the above.