Project report published: EU Zoos Directive Good Practices Document

The final report of our project on the Zoos Directive has been published by the Commission 

Member States are responsible for applying the provisions of the Zoos Directive 1999/22/EC and ensuring their necessary enforcement. There is a very limited EU role in implementation as the Directive does not foresee the need for a committee or reporting obligations to the Commission. However, a lot of good practice approaches have been developed to assist the role of Zoos in strengthening the contribution to biodiversity conservation.

Building on this experience the Commission launched a study contract with a view to promoting the sharing of experience and of good practice for the implementation of the Zoos Directive aimed at supporting practitioners and Member States in implementing the spirit and requirements of the Zoos Directive. This has involved consultation with experts and practitioners in different Member States and with different representative bodies concerned with Zoos.

The project was led by VetEffecT and the final study report can be downloaded HERE