Reduction of green house gas emissions in pig production

VetEffecT has been awarded the project "Review of best practices in climate smart pork production" for IFC. 

Successful companies and farmers of the future will need to produce with high efficiency (“sustainable intensification”) , use minimal energy, water, nutrients and other resources, cause a minimal carbon footprint, and causing minimal GHG (Green House Gasses) emissions, and minimal waste and effluents. Respecting animal welfare, wildlife and the environment are other key conditions.


IFC has a growing portfolio of clients in the animal protein sector and pork production in particular. Most of IFC clients are looking to be cutting edge both on production efficiency and sustainability. While this is the norm the set of practices employed by clients suggests that there are different routes to achieve this goal depending on production systems and economic environment. IFC advisory services are looking for a systemic review of best practice in the sector that can help new clients better navigate the options.

The study