Revision and publication of ECDC training materials


VetEffecT has been awarded the contract for The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) to revise the ECDC training materials, using agreed sets of criteria, for adjustments to the training materials on agreed points, to apply logical metadata tagging, and for uploading the revised materials to the appropriate platforms.

The project is led by Transmissible. The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) has established a large body of training materials for various functions around disease prevention and control.  Produced by various authors, in different Member States, under different stages of an evolving strategy for capacity building through training, the library of training materials has developed organically, rather than systematically, in absence of a central standard or framework.

Materials for the following ECDC courses are subject for the revision:

1.       Course on Multi Drug Resistant Organisms (MDRO);

2.       Course on development, implementation and evaluation of prudent

          antibiotic use campaigns;

3.       Legionnaires' disease: Risk Assessment, Outbreak Investigation and


4.       Epidemiological aspects of Vaccine Preventable diseases

5.       Point prevalence survey of healthcare-associated infections and

          antimicrobial use in acute care hospitals.


The services to provide include:

- to conduct an in-depth appraisal of content quality, corporate style, and acknowledgement of sources in the training materials. 

- to check for:  Accuracy of the content from a technical point of view; Validity of the content in light of recent developments (scientific evidence will be made available upon signature of the contract, including ECDC publications); Adequacy of instructional design choices to the topics presented; and language check in accordance with the European Commission Style Guide.