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Framework contract under EDES COLEACP
EDES aims to secure the flow of food products of animal and plant origin towards the EU or at regional level, in particular by making small-scale growers in Africa, Caribbean and Pacific countries key actors within the supply chain. COLEACP (Europe-ACP Liaison Committee), in cooperation with a consortium of European food safety agencies, has been entrusted by the European Union with the implementation of the EDES Programme.

VetEffecT implements strengthening of veterinary and food laboratories including staff training and equipment procurement, and provides training of government staff of competent authorities and of private food business operators to be in conformity with EU and WTO-SPS regulations such as OIE, Codex Alimentarius, and IPPC .

Completed assignments were:
- To assist creating the Sectorial Self-Assessment Guides for fruits and vegetables, to verify that all risks have been taken into account and that the writing of the Guide is in line with applicable requirements -to train laboratory staff and improve quality management in food control laboratories, for microbiology (bacterial contamination) and chemical (pesticides and residues) analyses
- To audit or accredit food control laboratories according to international standards (ISO 17025)
- To inspect and audit FBOs and laboratories according to international standards
- To train official veterinarians in inspection and auditing FBOs according to international standards -to train government staff and prepare a road map against antimicrobial resistance -to train government staff and prepare a road map for veterinary medicine pharmacovigilance and post-marketing surveillance
- To prepare business plans Project Working languages were English (EN), French (FR) and Portuguese (PT).

Example projects include:
Surinam - Fish , Veterinary and Food Control Laboratory (working language: English, Netherlands)
Uganda - Food Safety Laboratory network (EN)
Tanzania - Food Safety Laboratory network (EN)
Mauritania - Food Control Laboratory (French)
Kenia - Phytosanitary Food Safety support (EN)
Madagascar - Food Control Laboratory Accreditation (FR)
Tanzania - Food Control Laboratory network (EN)
Fiji - Food Control Laboratory (EN)
Papoea New Guinea - Food Control Laboratory network (EN)
Jamaica - Food Control Laboratory (EN)
Kenia - Veterinary Medicine Pharmacovigilance training (EN)
Kenia - Monitoring Antimicrobial Resistance Training (Kenia) (EN)
Surinam - Fish Sector Support for export (EN, NL)
Sénégal - Food Control Laboratory (FR)
Cape Verde - Food Control Laboratory (EN)
Sénégal - Food Control Laboratory – Laboratory Business Plans (FR)
Guiné-Bissau - Official controls for export to EU in the fishery sector (Guiné-Bissau) (Portuguese)
Mauritanie - Food Control Laboratory (FR)
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