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VetEffecT and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
We understand that our actions in development work have direct and indirect consequences for the people, animals and communities involved. By adhering to principles of cooperate social responsibility (CSR) and integrating sustainable and precautionary principles to our approach, we aim to ensure those consequences are positive and add value for our clients and the communities in which we work.

Different priorities appear in our varying technical and geographic operational regions but considering environmental, social and economic impacts, is constant. This allows us to increase the long term sustainability of our projects. We aim to address the SDGs most related to our field of expertise in all pillars of our business operations:

Business Development
We partner with responsible businesses who also work towards inclusive development and the further realisation of the SDGs. We take into account potential social and environmental impacts of our work when designing a project approach and seek out opportunities in research and technical assistance that will contribute to the alleviation of societal and environmental issues addressed under the SDG umbrella. This is to ensure that we practice sustainable procurement.

Project Management
We consider the project’s life cycle from social, environmental, and economic perspectives and operate a tight monitoring and (self)-evaluation process when implementing a project to ensure that we are delivering what we promised, whilst fulfilling our commitment to the SDGs.

Marketing and Engagement
We aim to connect with companies, organisations, institutions and individuals that are driving innovative and sustainable solutions to problems in our field.

Area of ExpertiseCorresponding SDG
Sustainable Animal Production12, 13
Animal Health & Welfare
Food Safety
2, 3
Food Security
2, 3, 8
Sustainable Agriculture
2, 8, 10, 12, 13
Sustainable Fisheries
Conservation and Biodiversity
3, 14, 15
Our projects in Uganda and Pakistan are both focussing on providing training to farmers in an effort to increase production efficiency of dairy farms, addressing SDGs 2 and 8. Our work in improving animal health welfare in food production processes and farming operations addresses SDG 3, considering the negative impact on food safety without robust animal health and welfare standards, and also contributes to SDGs 14 and 15 through protecting animals from stress and trauma. Furthermore, our work towards sustainable livestock production and sustainable fisheries has encompassed the objectives of SDGs 12, 13 and 14.
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