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Pakistan Dairy Supply hain Development Project
Country: Pakistan
This dairy development project will be implemented from 2015-2018 in Pakistan in partnership with one of the large dairy processors in the country, aiming to improve the quality and quantity of milk produced by dairy farmers, and supplied for processing.

The project is financed by IFC.

The highest potential for growth and development in the dairy sector in Pakistan comes from the medium size dairy farmers owning between 10 – 50 milking heads. This segment of dairy farmers, usually called Commercial Dairy Farmers (CDFs) consider milk production and selling as their primary business, and their main source of income. First a field assessment has been done: at a small commercial dairy farm the calf is used to stimulate milk release during traditional milking, see video here.

The project will:

Phase 1. develop dairy farming guidelines in the form of a dairy handbook, covering all sector related recommended practices, to be utilized in improving practices at the dairy farm level. The guideline will also include a standard dairy farm expansion plan, covering the required size to run economically, finance required, and the projected Return on Investment of that model.

Phase 2. conduct training for the extension team of the dairy processing company involved in the project on the content of the guidelines, to help them provide better services to the CDFs during and post-project completion (train-the-trainer).

Phase 3. provide training and support for some 200 farmers on the adoption of modern dairy farming practices included in the guidelines by the CDFs leading to improved operating activities, and accordingly higher productivity rates at farm level. The extension team will also support to this, practising their skills as improved from the training during the 2 nd phase of the project.

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