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Strengthening Institutional Capacity for One Health Strategic Planning and Economic Analysis
Country: Turkey
The study was carried out for the Worldbank. Consultancy Services for Strengthening Veterinary Institutional Capacity for Strategic Planning, Building Capacity for Economic Analysis of Zoonotic Diseases and Development of an inter-institutional ‘One Health’ Communications Strategy. The purpose was to build Government capacity through the application of analytical tools and processes that provide guidance for the improvement of planning and decision-making related to animal health services and public health systems. The project follows OIE PVS Report, Gap Analysis Report and the OIE Strategic Report.

The specific areas of focus include: (i) further development of a strategic plan for upgrading the veterinary services to meet EU pre-accession requirements through close collaboration with the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock (MFAL): (ii) provision of capacity building to produce an economic analysis of the impact of zoonotic diseases on people, trade and the national economy; and (iii) advocacy and risk communication. This will enable decision-makers to more effectively formulate policy reforms and identify targeted investments.

The services provided by the consultant under this contract included:
- Project leadership and expert team management
- Reporting and communication
- Base-line assessment of veterinary services
- Stakeholder interviews and assessment
- Draft a Veterinary Services strategic plan, in collaboration with MFAL General Directorate of Food Control (GDFC) staff and OIE experts.
- Assess arrangements for inter-sectoral collaboration on zoonotic diseases and develop recommendations for improvement with specific action plan;
- Conduct a national workshop to outline national strategic plans for veterinary services
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