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Technical Performance Audit of a large Pig Production Company in Russia
Country: Russia
The aim of the performance audit was an assessment of key processes and farm operations affecting pig health and welfare, growth and carcass classification.

The work consisted of:
• desk research collecting information on the company and related issues;
• preparation of a questionnaire for the management, which information was also analysed to properly plan the site visits and structure the audit;
• on-site visits for company inspections.

The technical audit contained primarily checking on:
• management and staff;
• genetic and breeding policy;
• feed and feed ingredients;
• pig health control and preventive measures;
• main production parameters.

Key personnel was interviewed, several farm locations were visited, including the slaughterhouse and the feedmill, and relevant management practices, responsibilities, education & training, reporting lines and decision processes were assessed. This enabled a quality review of the efficiency of the organizational structure in view of the growing ambitions, and allowied to provide specific recommendations for production improvement. Few key issues that negatively affected company profitability could be addressed with targeted recommendations in the technical audit report.

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