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Visit of the Ambassador of Uzbekistan on livestock sector development
His Excellency, the Ambassador from Uzbekistan, Mr. Dilyor Khakimov honored us with a visit on August 21 at the VetEffecT office, accompanied by the First Secretary Mr. Babur Sabirov. The main topic of conversation was the possible contribution of Dutch service and technology companies, such as VetEffecT, to the development of the livestock sector in Uzbekistan.

Livestock sector development in Uzbekistan was discussed, considering the contribution that Dutch services and technology, such as from VetEffecT, could offer. The dairy and meat sector together add up to nearly 50% of output in the Uzbekistan livestock sector. However, specialized commercial livestock holdings only make up a few percentages of the total output. The largest share of livestock products is produced by Dekhan households. Smallholders cover more than 11 million (94%)cattle heads, 16 million (83%) sheep and goat heads and 63 percent of the chicken population. Production must be made more efficient and resource usage must be decreased (e.g. feed, water, and energy), so a competitive cost price can be reached. In order to achieve this, more commercial enterprises of medium or large scale will be needed. The modernization must align with the sustainable development goals (SDGs), as the international code of practice. Our advice is to focus primarily on the improvement of veterinary services, service providers (veterinarians, feed and breeding sectors), education and training using demonstration farms, as well as the availability of tools for smart farming. Our meeting was broadcasted on Uzbek Business TV. To watch the broadcast, please click here. We thank Mr. Ambassador and the First Secretary for their visit and we hope to expand our activities in Uzbekistan in the near future!

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