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Zoos Directive: Training application

In the course of the EU project “Supporting better implementation of the Zoos Directive” that VetEffecT is implementing with Milieu in 2019-2022,  three activities are included: 3 annual stakeholder meetings will be organised in Brussels, 4 pilot trainings will be organised for addressed to Member States' competent authorities and zoo operators, and Member States’ competent authorities will be supported to apply for peer-to-peer mechanisms to spread best practice and transfer of know-how on zoo licensing and inspection.

Training dates
Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the first live training has to be replaced by a virtual training consisting of six webinars and several pre-recorded sessions. The six webinars of the first training will be held between november 18th 2020 and 4 december 2020. The virtual training is the first one in a series of four that will be given in different EU regions.

The following three live trainings are tentatively planned as follows, pending the development of the COVID-19 crisis:

April 2021: Bioparc Valencia, Spain
September 2021: Brasov Zoo, Romania
November 2021: Genoa or Dublin

Training content
The six online webinars (of the first training) consist of a maximum of 2 sessions each of approximately 1-1.5 hours and several pre-recorded sessions.  

The other three live trainings will last 3.5 days and will be targeted at 20-30 participants mostly from inspection authorities, as well as zoo managers. The topics will be most important issues to facilitate proper implementation of the Zoos Directive such as inspection procedures and forms, inspection guidelines,  procedures for closure of non-compliant zoos, evaluation of zoos' conservation and education performance and conservation projects, and assessment of the conditions under which the different animal species in a zoo are kept. Trainings will be a mix of lectures, interactive session as well as field exercises in zoos. Participants will share good practice and be able to learn from each other.

All training material and documents will be made available online. Please note that the meeting language will be English and that no interpretation will be provided.
The trainings are an initiative of the European Commission DG ENV. This webpage has been produced under the contract “Supporting better implementation of the Zoos Directive” (Contract no. 07.0202/2019/805151/SER/ENV.D.3). The content of this page is the sole responsibility of VetEffecT Consultancy & Recruiting BV and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the Commission or any other body of the European Union. The European Commission or any other body of the European Union will not be responsible under any circumstances for the contents of communication items prepared by the contractors.
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